Services Provided under Husbandry Services

  1. Supply of Provisions (Fresh Stores and Technical stores)
  2. Supply of Technical Assistance through appointed and reputed vendors
  3. Crew Changes Facility Arrangements (Sea Port/Airport and Off Shore)
  4. Liner Tramp Services, ADNOC Vessel Port calls.
  5. RORO Cargo Handling
  6. All Crew Medical Related and Support Services.
  7. Supply of Bunker/Fresh Water and Lube Oils etc.
  8. Water Sample Analysis Services
  9. Bunker Sample Testing Services
  10. Permit to Work from Port Authority for All Activities Performed within port limits
  11. Permit to Work from Abu Dhabi Maritime Authority
  12. On Hire/Off Hire Survey Arrangements
  13. Bunker On Hire/Off Hire Survey Arrangements
  14. Arrangement of Navigation License for vessels
  15. Ships Spare Clearances
  16. Ships Store Supplies
  17. Ships Chandler Services
  18. Marine Crew Supplies
  19. Marine Crew Visa Arrangements
  20. All Types of Transportation arrangements
  21. Hotel Accommodation Facilities
  22. Bunker Supplies
  23. Fresh Water Supplies
  24. Hire of Port and Third-Party Operational Equipment
  25. All Public Relation Officer Related Activities and Services
  26. We ALso can arrange the below
  • 96 Hours Seaman Visa
  • Mission or Residence Visas for crew
  • Cabin Crew Visas
  • Saudi Crew Visas Arrangements
  • Oilfield Security Passes
  • OPCO Medicals
  • OPCO related trainings
  • Optima Passes
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